Come and have fun with our tour guide for a few hours in the city of sunshine. (Sometimes there is a little rain, but we have tours where you can enjoy yourself without being outside.) The city is located next to the river Tisza, which had a main role in "constructing" the modern road layouts of the city. First of all, everything is connected to one date - 12th march 1879. The great flood is one of the most horrible events in the history of Szeged. Almost everything is being compared to this date. During this disaster 95% of the city was completely destroyed.

This city is truly a city, it has a university with about 30 000 students, and a beautiful cathedral. The gastronomic side of the city is also noteworthy, Szeged is famous of its paprika. The best Hungarian fish soup is also connected to this lovely city. There is the famous Pick Salami, and you could visit the salami and paprika museum, where you are able to taste the products, and could also buy souvenirs for home. If you would like to see it, we could stop near the museum, and we can all have a look inside. The city is also called witches city. There were trials for so called witches, but our tour guide will tell you more about this story during your sightseeing tours.